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The Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow come from more than 75 countries and all religious sects, ethnic backgrounds, linguistic groups and other identities.

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The MLT Charter

As Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow, we proclaim our commitment to improving our communities and our world for present and future generations.

Driven by sincere intentions and leading by example, we create a platform for informed, collective, and sustainable action...

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Meet the MLTs

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Photo of DJIBRIL Amadou Photo of Attila Dincer Photo of Nur Hidayat Photo of Youssef Azghari Photo of Khadijah Abdul-Nabi Photo of Lisa B Photo of Nazreen Photo of Michael Privot Photo of Ayesha Photo of Iman Khalid Photo of Abda Wone Photo of Raheel Mohammed Photo of Mina Al-Oraibi Photo of Zarina Hassem Photo of masud Photo of Nazeer Jamal Photo of MOHAMMAD MOHIUL HOQUE Photo of Saeed Khan Photo of Iman Abou-Atta Photo of founding principal of KGIA Photo of Tahir Anwar